Vegan Queens' Speech 2017

The Vegan Queens' most gracious speech reflecting on the year that has passed and the year ahead for the vegan community.

A very special thanks to the many Vegan Queens in this video, namely:

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The Vegan Queens' Speech 2017

At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of cheer and goodwill than twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, a glass of vegan Baileys, or the smell of a Tofurkey roast. 

As 2017 comes to a close, we can look back and reflect on the year that has passed. 2017 shone much more of a light on veganism and brought it further into the mainstream.

Now, as the world watches us we welcome many new people into our vegan family. 

From Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors dropping fur to the huge dairy industry decline, change is happening, progress is here. 

Record numbers stood side by side in London for the Big Animal Rights March in September, and showed just a glimpse of the animal-loving, liberating, compassionate vegans in the UK.  

2017 was the year that major supermarkets competed to bring out more dairy-free cheeses, that new vegan menus appeared in high street food chains, and the year that a Stormzy record was veganised by Jay Brave.

Simon Amstell’s Carnage had a huge impact on the BBC-watching mainstream. He painted a picture of a speciesism-free future where people are haunted by their pasts, attending support groups to deal with their guilt for once eating animal products. 

Soon followed What The Health and Okja, giving people more opportunities to learn the truth, and more reasons to live ethically and go vegan.

From Vevolution in London to Eat Drink Vegan in LA and vegan fairs popping up in cities and towns around the world, veganism is now on the map. 

We’ve seen more people in the public eye going vegan, some for health, some for the environment, and some for animals. However you feel about ‘celebrity culture’, each new vegan celebrity convert brings more attention onto veganism as a lifestyle. 

Some people may find inspiration from celebrities, athletes and so on. But to be inspirational you don’t have to be famous, rich or appear on TV. Each one of us can be inspirational to those around us. 

If you’re promoting animal equality at a demonstration, or showing off your amazing vegan lunches in your workplace, you can be an inspiration to someone. 

If you’re promoting compassion or sharing your vegan lifestyle on Instagram, or wearing a Vegan Queen jumper walking down the street, your actions and your existence can inspire others.
Anyone can be a vegan queen. 

Even with the inspiration of others, it’s understandable that we sometimes think the world’s problems are so big that we can do very little to help. 

On our own, we cannot end wars, wipe out injustice or speciesism, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can have a much larger impact than we could ever imagine. 

Every vegan food choice, ethical purchase, and support of independent businesses and charities adds up. Collectively people can unite to reclaim our autonomy, and create a better world. 

I am looking forward to a busy 2018, watching veganism continue to thrive, to grow and to be further embraced in the mainstream. 

And why am I looking forward to a year of even more rapid vegan growth?

Because it helps the animals. 56 billion animals have been killed this year so that they could be eaten. For every person that turns vegan, 127 fewer animals will be killed each year. 

I wish you all a very happy and compassionate festive season, and a wonderful 2018. 

Remember: Don’t be mean, be a Vegan Queen.


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