North London Cafe Ditches Dairy For The Sake Of All Mothers

A North London cafe went viral in the vegan world last week when they decided to ditch dairy.

The Fields Beneath in Kentish Town posted a sign in their window that read 'Last week of cow's milk', and images of the sign were quickly spread across the internet.

The cafe explained that they would no longer be selling dairy, and offering oat, almond and soy milk for their beverages instead. 

Now The Fields Beneath have released their second poster explaining the reasons they are taking not just dairy, but all animal products off their menu.

The state: "In celebration of Mothering Sunday, and so, in celebration of all mothers across the land, from this Mother's Day forth, we shall no longer sell coffees with cow's milk."

They explain that milk is a product of motherhood, and that since they have made that connection they have decided to opt for a full vegan menu from 26th March 2017, with the aim to "make veganism delicious, convenient and accessible."

Read the full poster below. 

So London vegans, we have another 🌱 to add to our Vegan London maps!

We certainly can't wait to visit and try out their new vegan menu

Check out The Fields Beneath and show this newly vegan business some support for making such a great ethical change.  


The Fields Beneath are located under the Overground arch at Kentish Town West station. 52A Prince of Wales Road, London

Opening hours are Monday - Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 9am-5pm.

Instagram: fieldsbeneath
Twitter: @FieldsBeneath


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