Five Tips To Stay Motivated This Winter

Photo:  Alexa Mitiner

When life gets hard (or cold) sometimes it can be hard to keep up the same level of motivation that we have when we first start a project. It may appear easier for some of us than for others, but that doesn't mean we don't all have to make an effort to keep motivated. 

Motivation comes from discipline, commitment and an absolute desire to give your best to the task at hand. It comes from an all or nothing attitude that will help you raise the bar as many times as you need. 

For me, motivation comes from mindset and setting goals so big that I keep working to better myself so that I can live up to those goals. Personally, I’ve always been a determined person, but this last year I have spent time learning from the best in how to really make things work. So now I want to share with you five of the best tricks to keep your motivation high and make sure you hit the targets that will level up your life. 



The only difference is that some people believe in themselves despite the odds and other are too lazy or unmotivated to find solutions to the challenges. 

Absolutely anything is possible. If you are willing to put in the work and learn every single day, you will find a way to make things happen. 



Sit down with yourself and find out your 'why'. Figure out the reason you do the things you do, why you want the things you want and why you will make the necessary sacrifices. Dig deep, ask yourself why this idea or project is worth the time you are going to invest, why you will learn new skills and why will you do anything you need to do to reach that goal. 

Your 'why' must be so strong that there is nothing that can stop you from getting things done. 

It can be having failed in the past, it can be being done with mediocre results, it can be seeing others fail and trapped in the victim mentality, it can be the anger that you feel when you see other people making it and you are still stuck, it can be wanting to help others, it can be wanting to help your parents, it can be anything, but it has to be yours.

Just make sure it wakes you up early and fuels your days, because motivation does not show up every day, but having a strong reason 'why' will keep you working. 

Nobody has to understand your 'why', and you don’t need to share it with anyone else. Just make sure it motivates you. 



Listening to podcasts won’t make you get stronger or leaner or get out of debt. Taking big actions will.  

While it’s important to feed your mind with motivational content (I use it as fuel in the gym - playlists like Fearless Motivation or Andy Frisella’s podcast are my favourites when working out), it’s mandatory that you commit to taking action every single day of your life towards that goal. No excuses! Podcasts and books are inspiring but you get the results by working on yourself. 

If you find yourself living pay check to pay check maybe it's time to learn more about finances and how the system really works; maybe you find yourself lacking confidence to ask for that pay rise and it’s time to work on your strengths and see what can you give to the position that nobody else can. Maybe you are dreaming about starting your own business, so it’s time that you start looking for the “how to” instead of focusing on the “don't haves”. 

Where there is a will there is a way!


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True, there is only much that we can do, but if we do it right we move forward at a faster speed. We tend to want to do everything at once, but this can cause us to get overwhelmed and give up when we don't see quick results. 

Choose two to three goals to work on, write a strategy to achieve them and make a commitment with yourself to make them happen - no matter what. 

Some days you will find yourself out of balance, some days you will feel amazing, some days you will feel like giving up, but what you need to do is keep going. Never ever quit, keep going and when you realise the clarity that comes from focus you will learn, improve, research and turn projects that you had waiting into reality. 

Tip: I was recommended the book 'The 12 Week Year' and I can tell you from my own experience that it works, check it out.  



Decide what it is that you want and most importantly, the actions that you need to take to get it done. Set a specific deadline, be realistic (always dream big, but remember that big dreams are achieved by breaking them into baby steps) and hold yourself accountable. Write a plan for the day, for the week, for the month. Review your vision every single day. 

My routine every morning starts with a 20 minute guided meditation, then I read my vision to make sure that all my energy is focused on creating it. 

We've all heard the advice of taking baby steps and yes, I agree that Rome wasn't built in a day, but it’s your life that we are talking about here. You need to be hungry for more and willing to sacrifice and give it your all to make it to where you want to go. 



Remember that this is a journey and be grateful, because having the chance to read, to empower yourself and to grow is a luxury that not everyone has access to.


Aradhya Badia of Fitvelove is hosting a series of wellness events with Blooms London, the female-focused business club and workspace, starting with a wellness networking event on 2nd Feb 2018. 

Aradhya Badia