Inside Crosstown's Vegan Doughnut Shop

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Doughnut chain Crosstown have upped their vegan offerings and opened an all-vegan shop in the West End.

Vegan Crosstown has at least 20 flavours on offer each day, as well as hot and cold drinks and meal deals. 

In May 2017 Crosstown introduced a vegan doughnut offering in all stores available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and have had a continued demand leading them to open a 100% vegan store near to Bond Street. 

As with other Crosstown locations, coffee is supplied by Caravan Coffee Roasters, with other hot drinks including Tombo matcha, Prana agave chai, Mork hot chocolate and Zig Zag tea. The shop offers dairy alternatives including soy, oat, coconut, cashew and almond, assuring customer that there will be no dairy on site at all. 

It's important to note that all the vegan doughnut options currently cost more (£3.80) than the non vegan options (£1.75-£3.50) and all drinks made with plant-based milks in this store cost an average of £0.50 more than those made with dairy in other stores. Reasons for the price difference have not yet been stated, and we have contacted Crosstown for comment. 

You can visit the new doughnut shop Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6.30pm (or until they run out of doughnuts. 

Vegan Crosstown, 5-6 Picton Place, London W1U 1BL.



[UPDATE: 30th April 2017.]

We reached out to Crosstown about the price difference between their vegan and non-vegan items, and they responded shedding more light on the situation with the following: 


"Of all our doughnuts, the vegan flavours are the most expensive and labour-intensive to make. The plant-based ingredients we use in our vegan doughnuts (chia seeds, coconut butter, oat milk, silken tofu) are much more expensive than the equivalent ingredients used to make our other doughnuts (eggs, butter, milk, cream). 

In addition to this, new equipment and production processes have been introduced to our small bakery to prevent cross-contamination. Each day, we first make our original (non-vegan) doughnuts. All surfaces and equipment are then cleaned and sterilised before the vegan doughnuts are prepared and fried in separate oil. Initially, we only produced vegan doughnuts Fri-Sun, when we had additional bakery staff scheduled to cover the increased workload. Making vegan doughnuts every day has therefore been a substantial undertaking for us, with an increased daily workload and workforce. 

Despite these factors, we have decided to align our vegan doughnuts with our current high-tier price of £3.80, rather than introducing a new, higher price-point."



In regards to the extra charges for plant-based milks, the Crosstown representative Erin Ward also stated:


"...We are committed to sourcing high-quality dairy alternatives for our coffee and other hot drinks. Whilst some of the options we offer are more expensive than others, we’ve decided to offset the costs in order to offer consistent pricing for all. 

The 50p additional charge for dairy alternatives is something that we have in place at all Crosstown locations; as our vegan store serves dairy alternatives only, this cost has been worked into the standard pricing for that site. "


The Vegan Crosstown store offers 30p off for anyone using a reusable cup, and have sourced "new bio-degradable, compostable or fully recyclable cups, straws and packaging" and created new custom made aprons without leather straps. 

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