#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Egle Adomelyte, Paradise Unbakery

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Badass Vegan Women is a non-profit organisation with a mission to celebrate, promote and uplift vegan women and those who identify as female for the work they are doing in and out of the vegan community. We want to shine light on their achievements, empower them as Badass Vegan Women and work to inspire women worldwide. 


Continuing our #internationalwomensday series of inspiring vegan women, we're speaking to Egle Adomelyte. Egle is the founder of Paradise Unbakery, Kensal Rise's top vegan hangout specialising in raw foods and an amazing brunch menu. 

We caught up with Egle to find out what she's proud of achieving and the women that inspire her.


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1. What advice would you give to any young women out there looking to work for themselves or start up something of their own?

Go for it! Whatever your passion is. However crazy it may seem. Beautiful things grow when you do something you enjoy. (But make sure you get a 'Go Ahead' from those who'd really be there for you if shit hit the fan.)


2. Tell us something you’re proud of achieving. 

Oh my, the Paradise Unbakery cafe is definitely the one! Something that once seemed so totally impossible!


3. Who are some of your favourite inspiring females? 

There are so many, of course! But most inspiring are ordinary gals. The ones who bake their vegan cakes at night, churn their ice cream, flip their burgers, print their t-shirts and write their own things. The ones who do it off their own back, have the courage to quit their jobs, leave their homes. Who set up their own stalls and pay their own bills. That's real #girlpower that inspires me everyday and I'm so proud of! 


4. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

The cafe is one ongoing, never ending project. There are so many things to do, so many dreams to manifest, still. I'll be focusing on that for the foreseeable future. While also trying to get some rest (project number one.)

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Paradise Unbakery are open Sunday to Manday, 9-5pm. Follow Paradise Unbakery on Instagram for more.

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