#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Izzi von Köhler

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It's #internationalwomensday and we're celebrating with series of London's most inspiring vegan women. Here is Izzi von Köhler, magical personal trainer and Instagram and YouTube star Princess Of The Unicorns. 

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Izzi trained as a personal trainer, quit a job she'd comfortably been in for 13 years and went for her dream. She's now a full time personal trainer with a large online following, inspiring people to take control of their lives and go for their goals. 


1. What advice would you give to any young women out there looking to work for themselves or start up something of their own?

First of all, to be prepared, this is all on you! Nobody is going to tell you to finish that project or go and find a new client. Girl this is your thing, you are your own boss which means you’ll have to learn to empower yourself and stay focused on your goals. 

Set your own deadlines. Create your own ideals whether others believe in them or not. Remember that putting yourself out there can be scary, but it's so rewarding when you finally see your hard work paying off.


2. Tell us something you’re proud of achieving. 

I am proud of myself for being brave and quitting a job I did for 13 years and starting a completely new career!


3. Who are some of your favourite inspiring females? 

I am inspired by my clients! The newfound confidence they gain from training is so amazing to see and gives me so much joy. Check out @sweetvegan_@vegan_georgie and @tashadoughty!


4. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

I'm always working on loads of new content for my YouTube channel, and I'm also working on a recipe eBook to come out before the end of the year. 

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