#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Sara Mittersteiner

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Next up in our #internationalwomensday series of interviews with London's most inspiring vegan women is Sara Mittersteiner, founder of Pomodoro E Basilico. 

Sara has been vegan for over a decade and started out in 2012 hosting private supper clubs, making vegan pizzas and doughnuts before going full time self-employed with Pomodoro E Basilico in 2014. 

We asked Sara about her experience and achievements as an independent businesswoman, and any advice she has for other young women. 

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1. What advice would you give to any young women out there looking to start up something of their own?
Starting your own business is scary, especially in a foreign country, but so worth it. You just have to believe in yourself and most of all in your project, because confidence is the main key. Don’t rush times, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need passion and strong commitment; only with these you’ll get where you want to.


2. Tell us something you’re proud of achieving. 
I’ve created a community, more than a business; I’ve moved to the UK and didn’t know anyone, worked hard for other companies for a few years and then decided to give myself and my creativity a go. I’ve always been very scared of “showing off”, always the shy kid in the classroom, but my passion was too strong not to try and the following community who always support and love me is my biggest reward.


3. Who are some women that inspire you? 
Definitely Isa Chandra Moskovitz for being one of the very first vegans sharing recipes on the internet, but also my mum, the most incredible woman I’m lucky to have in my life as my best friend.


4. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?
This 2018 is all about sharing my passion for food; that’s why I currently run regular cooking classes to teach my secrets in making vegan cheese and vegan pasta from scratch. This summer I’ll be back at Eat Drink Vegan in LA, but hopefully I’ll start working on my first cookbook by the end of the year.

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