We Tried The £9.50 Avolato

Bright Zine | Snowflake, Selfridges | Avolato Avocado Gelato.JPG

You've probably seen this super Instagrammable avocado gelato doing the rounds on the internet, but did you know it's vegan and available in London? We went to check it out...

We know, avocados are the downfall of millennials worldwide, we buy stuff like this so we'll never be able to buy our own houses, etc. That about cover it? Let's move on. 

The 'Avolato' is served up by Snowflake Luxury Gelato who have a few boutiques around London including Selfridges, the only place selling the treat so far. 

Bright Zine | Snowflake, Selfridges | Avolato Avocado Gelato-.JPG

So what's it made of? It's an avocado-based ice cream - 60% avocado in fact - mixed with grape sugar, pectin and fibre and served in a real avocado skin. It tastes expectedly creamy but with a fresh, fruity essence to it. 

The highlight, however, is the avocado stone, which is actually a blend of Pip & Nut peanut butter, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts and soya milk.

The creators have been very clever with their presentation, as well as being served in an avocado skin it's presented on 100% biodegradable boat with a bamboo spoon. All things vegans will love.

It's also pretty funny to see people's reactions as they walk past the windows of the Selfridges Food Hall and look puzzled at you eating an avocado with a spoon.

So what's the downside? It costs a mighty £9.50.

It's fully vegan, the packaging is biodegradable and low impact, but honestly? Eating it felt like the most pretentious and privileged thing we've ever done.