Where To Find The Best Vegan Burgers London

Only a few years ago finding a vegan burger in London meant settling for a limp, dry patty without any cheese, mayo or any fun. From Brixton to Shoreditch you can’t move for vegan burgers in the capital but how do you choose what to get your lips around? Follow our list of London’s best vegan burgers and your taste buds won’t be disappointed. 


Dalston / Walthamstow 

If you’re looking for next level, look no further than Biff’s. The undisputed king of dirty vegan burgers in London since opening his shack in 2017 these jackfruit burgers have it all: taste, toppings and sheer ridiculousness. For us it’s all about the Father Jack: crispy fried jackfruit, smokey bacun jam, smoked cheeze, bourbon BBQ sauce, onion rings and lettuce all stacked into a toasted brioche bun. Not to be eaten prettily. 

biffsjackshack.com / @biffsjackshack


Head south of the river to this rock bar for some of London’s finest vegan junk food that serves up a range of chick’n and beef seitan burgers plus a whole range of dirty fries and other sides including wings and corn dogs if you’re going super indulgent. Be brave and go for the Sith - a ‘beef’ burger coated in Deptford Death Sauce (the clue is in the name), Sriracha mayo, spicy cheese, jalapenos, onions, lettuce and tomato.

thefullnelsondeptford.co.uk / @thefullnelsondeptford


Walthamstow / street food

Flippin’ burgers and flippin’ the script is what these guys are all about. The Green Grill have shown that packing burgers full of plants can taste damn fine. Our recommendation is to keep it green with the Green Monster - a veggie patty featuring peas, spinach, broccoli, red pepper and sundried tomato, cheeze, aioli, pickled red cabbage and lettuce in a green matcha bun.


King’s Cross / Soho / Dalston / Camden

One of the OG vegan burgers in London is still one of the best. Mildred’s has been a plant-based haven for years and with four sites across the city you can get your fix easily. It’s all about the Polish beetroot and white bean burger in a brioche bun topped with pickled red cabbage, gherkins and aioli. Our recommended hack is to add vegan cheese AND avocado cause you can never been too extra. 

mildreds.co.uk / @mildredsrestaurants



What’s better than one vegan burger? Four Beyond Meat burgers in a quadruple stack oozing with cheeze and special burger sauce. This is the closest to vegan McDonald’s you will get - but without the heartburn or questionable ethics - a game changer in the London vegan burger scene. If that’s too intense you can settle for a classic quarter pounder, cheeseburger or hamburger. 

haloburger.co.uk / haloburgeruk


Old Street / Dalston / Maltby Street / Spitalfields 

Mixing up the traditional Scilian street food of arancini: risotto balls into London’s favourite street food dishes was always going to be a hit. With several locations across the city you can be sure to find one of London’s best vegan burgers here. All are made with their famous mushroom zucchini risotto patty with a range of toppings. Our fave is the smoky chorizo, cheeze, crispy onions, chilli sauce and onions.

arancinibrothers.com / @arancinibrothers



This Brazilian-inspired vegan cafe in the heart of Shoreditch serves up four tasty homemade vegan burgers. The ultimate offering is by far the Essential Gourmet: a handmade seitan patty topped with homemade garlic and chive cashew cheese, spicy apricot sauce, homemade mayo, tomato and rocket. Get a side of cassava chips and baked cheese balls for a full Brazilian twist.  

essentialvegan.co.uk / @essentialvegan

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