LUSH Goes Naked

Late last year we flew out to Berlin for the LUSH Prize, which you can read all about in Issue Seven, but what you didn’t know is that we also visited their brand new naked store. That’s right, it’s packaging-free.

They have really useful facts dotted around the store that highlight the specific reasons why their store is packaging-free which is great for zero waste and low impact lovers.

As for products, we loved the highlighters and naked facial oils the most - they’re super luxurious. The shower oil lasts a lot longer than normal shower gel. I use my favourite LUSH scent, Sleepy, and I still have so much left, I would have normally got through that in a month minimum.

They have solid deodorants, body lotions and conditioners, and facial cleansers. How cute is babyface?! I haven’t used this cleanser, but it’s next on my list of LUSH things to try…

The great news is, a lot of these naked products are available in your local LUSH. Tag us on instagram if you find them, and let us know what your favourites are!