NYFW: Future Fashion by Brave GentleMan


Stepping in from the the sunny, winter NYC streets and inside the doors of the Mercer Hotel, an invitation leads me to a well appointed pop-up showroom.
Entering the room, you could hear the distinct sound of champagne corks popping. Joshua Katcher, designer of Brave GentleMan, was the cause for this evening's toast, a celebration of his first fully vegan, luxury men's suiting collection. 

In a world where anything is possible (do we still believe that?!), this high-end suiting is made from bamboo- a beautiful alternate to the conventional default of wool and cashmere. The bags and shoes, flawless in design and execution are made from an Italian microfiber. Along with the suiting, the constructions are brought to life in Italy, the home of some of the finest tailoring in the world. If you're curious, whether that comes across, don't worry, it does. 

Joshua mentions the phrase "future leather" while we chat, and his point only emphasizes the idea that looking forward, veganism will soon be regarded for what it is, an ethical choice, not an aesthetic compromise. His material sourcing strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and aspiration, while maintaining it's mission to provide a cruelty free alternative to those in need durable, stylish clothing, bags, and footwear. 

Congrats to Joshua on this remarkable collection, and his bravery to imagine men's suiting beyond the convention thinking...enjoy that well deserved bubbly. 

- AV

Bright Zine