A Chinese New Year Feast with PhungKay Vegan

We got to see in the Lunar New Year in true Vegan Queen style this week with PhungKay, London-based vegan Chinese food pioneers.

Phungkay, run by Jade Rathore and Angie Li took up residence at East London’s Benk + Bo, a gorgeous events space, workspace and yoga studio, for a weekend of celebration through food.

We enjoyed specialist cocktails by Coupe upstairs before being welcomed to our banquet downstairs. Fun fact: did you know that Baijiu is the world’s biggest selling spirit? It outsells vodka every year, but is sold mostly in China.

Jade and Angie created a 10-course menu of food they grew up eating themselves but with a vegan twist, adapting classic recipes and creating something special of their own. They showed their extraordinary talents in every course, from Five Spice Lotus Crisps to Truffle Siu Mai dumplings with vegan ‘pork’, to a hearty, flavourful Buddha’s Chilli Bowl.

With the growth in vegan events and markets it’s easy to forget about or pass up on supper clubs, but they are truly something special. You get to meet and interact with your hosts, you are served specialist artisanal food, trying new flavours and cuisines. They’re a perfect place for a date, a BFF catch up or a business dinner, where you can meet new people if you want to and you get to support a vegan business. We can’t recommend them enough.

See more from PhungKay including their upcoming supper clubs here.

See what we ate at PhungKay’s Vegan Chinese New Year Feast below: