10 Vegan-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Mums work hard, they are the glue of their families and raise the next generation. To celebrate all mother figures this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a selection of vegan-friendly gifts to remind them just how special they are, with the peace of mind that their treat is cruelty-free.

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1. Zero-Waste Wash Gift Set, Soap Daze, £14.95

Everything about this gift screams luxury. This is the ultimate zero-waste wash set. We’re talking a chunky and generalising Patchouli soap bar, accompanied by a 100% hand-knitted soft cotton facecloth, made from recycled yarn. The perfect combo for your travels or zero-waste bathroom aspirations. Even the packaging is completely plastic-free and the cloth can be washed and be re-used endlessly. Head over to Soap Daze to browse through their different scents and colours.



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2. Cotton Make Up Bag, The Print Bee, £9.99

The talented Lissie Beckett personally designs and creates all of her prints, which are hand carved into lino before printing. If nature is your thing, there is plenty to choose from. Gentle, yet deliberate and detailed, is the feel of her work. Pick up one of her makeup bags, pin badges and prints for the ultimate Mother’s Day combo.



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3. Mummy Subscription Box, Eco.co.box, £30

This is a true treat for Mums. In this monthly subscription box Mums can discover the best natural, vegan and eco-friendly products to help support them through Motherhood. From scrumptious chocolate, to lavish face oil and bamboo toothbrushes, this box unearths exciting new products each month. A box that ensures that Mums make time for themselves.

Use code ECO5 at checkout to get £5 off your first box.



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4. Will’s Vegan Shoes

There’s nothing more satisfying than a new pair of shoes, especially ones that encase your feet with confidence and comfort. All the better when they’re cruelty-free. And Will’s Vegan Shoes are not short on options. Sandals, boots, trainers, Oxford Brogues, loafers, slippers and even riding boots. This company has mastered every shoe type with stylish vegan leather. Plastic-free, carbon-neutral, sustainable and cruelty-free, a vegan’s footwear dream has come true.



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5. Vegan Pick N Mix, The Conscious Company, £9.99

Let these colourful sweets transport you back to childhood days of rummaging through the penny sweets. Some real classics in here including cola bottles, fizzy cherries, refresher bars and raspberry ripples. With over 50 varieties per box, let The Conscious company do the hard work of finding vegan sweets for you, and they even sell large and mini vegan marshmallows. They’re always on the prowl for new exciting finds, so each box is different. And the best thing? You can order a 1kg box, so perfect for sharing (or not!). Plus, you can even opt for a plastic-free box too.



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6. Reusable Wipes, Altas and Ortus, £8

Zero-waste living has never been so easy. Ditch the single-use cotton pads for Atlas and Ortus’ brand new organic cotton and hemp scrub wipes. Why do they work so well? The front of the wipe is 100% cotton, perfect for scrubbing your face clean and removing stubborn makeup. The other side is 100% hemp and organic cotton fleece, for the more gentler areas of your face. Unlike a face wipe, which will end up in the landfill, these pads can be washed and used over and over again!



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7. Fortifying Bath Potion Shot, Moa, £5.00

If you didn’t believe in magic, you will after this shot. Empty the bottle into the bath and feel the magic happen. Your mind will unwind and your aches will disappear. This invigorating herbal blend will restore you to your best self - which we can all need help with. Loaded with peppermint, fennel and fir needle, these magical plant-properties will leave your skin soft and muscles relaxed. Once you’ve fallen in love with the magic, you can purchase full-size bottles of the potion to help unclear your mind whenever needed.


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8. Soya Candles, Run with Wolves, £13.00

Unscrew the lid and feel nature staring back at you. Made from soya wax, these candles are ferocious in personality. It’s hard to believe that these are crafted in Jane’s kitchen. Arriving in glass jars, and packaged plastic-free, these vegan and sustainable candles are very niche. From Green Lavender to Amber Forest, they transport the scents and spirit of nature directly into your home.



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9. You Are Enough Frame, Jane Kent Studio, £12

A gorgeous message wrapped up in a vintage frame. These little beauties are dainty and elegant and the perfect way to remind a Mum how magical they are. These are carefully embroidered on the sewing machine by hand, meaning that each one is original and unique. Jane also crafts personalised flags, banners, tea-towels and pictures. Visit her Etsy store and be inspired.



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10. Organic Tea Bags, Nipper & Co, £6.49

For Mamas with little ones, this is the tea for you. Whether you’re breastfeeding, returning back to work or hosting a baby play date - Nipper & Co have got your back. A small mum-run business with big dreams, Marina’s organic, herbal infusions support Mamas whatever stage of their journey. They are fruity, uplifting and smell delightful. Looking to easily get some antioxidants in you? There are so many health benefits in each drink, perfect for Mamas at all stages.



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