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LUSH Goes Naked

Late last year we flew out to Berlin for the LUSH Prize, which you can read all about it in Issue Seven, but what you didn’t know is that we also visited their brand new naked store. That’s right, it’s packaging-free.

They have really useful facts dotted around the store that highlight the specific reasons why their store is packaging-free.

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We Tried The £9.50 Avolato

You've probably seen this super Instagrammable avocado gelato doing the rounds on the internet, but did you know it's vegan and available in London? We went to check it out...

We know, avocados are the downfall of millennials worldwide, we buy stuff like this so we'll never be able to buy our own houses, etc. That all? Let's move on. 

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Superdrug Opens Vegan Pop Up Shop

In response to a growing demand for vegan and cruelty-free, UK retailer Superdrug has opened The Little Vegan Pop Up Shop in Shoreditch's Boxpark.

Superdrug is the second largest health and beauty retailer in the UK and has a policy of no animal testing on their own-brand products and have now created a dedicated store to sell only vegan products. 

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