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Making ethical investments can be a struggle for anyone and this dilemma may be even harder for vegans who want to invest in companies that share their values.  

This is where Kale United comes in. Kale United is an ethical Swedish holding company that launched in 2018 and aims to create a plant-based world. They will do this through supporting and investing in vegan businesses as well as providing opportunities for vegans to invest in businesses that share their values and ethics. 

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NewsSareta Puri
LUSH Flowers: Make your ethics as beautiful as your bouquet

The UK is one of the world’s largest consumers of red roses on Valentine’s Day, despite the fact that they cannot sustainably grow on British soil in February.

This means that to satisfy the nation’s obsession with romance, red roses are imported from countries including Columbia and Kenya for this Hallmark holiday. Not only does that create a considerable carbon footprint but to prolong the flowers’ life they are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and frozen for transit. 

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NewsSareta Puri
Veganism's On TV …What's The Problem?

With Veganuary breaking records this year with over 250,000 sign ups, it was no surprise to see vegan topics being discussed on almost a daily basis on morning TV throughout January. 

While it’s great to see veganism being discussed on mainstream television with hundreds of thousands of viewers, reviewing more than a few segments on the topic quickly shows a repeated format to the discussion, repetitive lines of questioning and attempts to frame vegans in a negative light. 

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10 Vegan-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Mums work hard, they are the glue of their families and raise the next generation.

To celebrate all mother figures this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a selection of vegan-friendly gifts to remind them just how special they are, with the peace of mind that their treat is cruelty-free.

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NewsEmma Oldham
LUSH Goes Naked

Late last year we flew out to Berlin for the LUSH Prize, which you can read all about it in Issue Seven, but what you didn’t know is that we also visited their brand new naked store. That’s right, it’s packaging-free.

They have really useful facts dotted around the store that highlight the specific reasons why their store is packaging-free.

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