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#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Roxy Pope, So Vegan

For the past week, we've celebrated #internationalwomensday with a series of interviews with amazing and inspiring vegan women. Today in the last of the series we're talking to Roxy Pope, YouTube star and one half of So Vegan.

Roxy and her partner Ben make beautiful YouTube videos showcasing how easy it is to make tasty, wholesome and sometimes indulgent vegan food. We spoke to Roxy about her proudest moments and the badass women that inspire her. 

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#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Em-J Williams

Continuing our #internationalwomensday appreciation we've got more in our series of interviews with inspiring vegan women. Here we talk to Em-J Williams, the woman behind The EmJ Company who produce beautiful kit essentials for makeup, hair and beauty professionals.

Em-J has been a pro make-up artist for over ten years and started the company to provide the industry with vegan, cruelty-free products designed and handmade in England. We spoke to her about her achievements and advice for others. 

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#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Katie Hartley

We're continuing the #internationalwomensday celebrations with our series of inspiring vegan women. Today we're talking to Katie Hartley who open up Humblest of Pleasures, a dreamy vegan cafe in Hebden Bridge less than a year ago.

The eatery has gone from strength to strength in its first year, we spoke to Katie about the experience of setting up her own business and advice she has for other women looking to do the same. 

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#IWD: Interview With A Vegan Queen: Izzi von Köhler

Next up in our #internationalwomensday series of London's most inspiring vegan women is Izzi von Kohler, magical personal trainer and Instagram and YouTube star Princess Of The Unicorns. 

Izzi trained as a personal trainer, quit a job she'd comfortably been in for 13 years and went for her dream. She's now a full time personal trainer with a large online following, inspiring people to take control of their lives and go for their goals.

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