Every January more than 20% of us make a resolutions to reduce our bodies, to lose weight, to take up less space. Despite the growth of the body positivity movement, diet culture isn’t going anywhere just yet.

We originally published this piece on bodies in Issue Three of BRIGHT, but it’s just as relevant now. Rather than making a resolution to reduce yourself, why not choose to delve into body positivity instead?

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Editor's blog, NewsLaura Callan

So it’s December 8th, there are only two more Saturdays before Christmas and you still haven’t done your shopping? We’ve put together this little guide of our top ethical gifts for under £15, so we can be kind to ourselves and stress less this holiday season.

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NewsTamsin Rose Callan
Vegan Coats To Keep You Warm This Winter

As a vegan fashion blogger, one of my biggest challenges is finding vegan coats. You know the drill – 2% of wool that you didn’t expect, down feathers mixed with synthetic ones, and of course finding materials such as alpaca, cashmere, silk and other animal-derived textiles in every coat that you love.

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NewsMarta Canga