The Power Of Getting Angry

It sometimes feels like we’re living in a world of positivity, and declarations of #postivevibes only. 

Sure, nobody really likes to spend too much time with a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer (side note: why are all these names female?) but humans are capable of a wide and varied range of emotions. We are complex creatures who react to the world around us with emotions, thoughts and intelligence, to deny any ‘negative’ emotions is to deny a large portion of what makes us who we are. 

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Black Eyed Peas Release New Vegan Anthem

Will.I.Am is back and rapping about his vegan lifestyle in Black Eyed Peas’ new track ‘Vibrations’.

In the track the Black Eyed Peas talk about finding “a brand new vibe” with a focus on changing their views and staying ‘elevated’, which for Will.I.Am includes his new plant-based lifestyle. Watch the video here.

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How Your Purchases Can Vote For You

We each have individual values and causes that we care about, whether they’re ethical, environmental, to do with people, animals or otherwise.

We’ve discovered CoGo, a new platform and app that enables you to communicate your values through your purchases and effect change in businesses you shop from. We caught up with Ben Gleisner, founder of CoGo to find out more about this new platform.

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Bright Zine

Every January more than 20% of us make a resolutions to reduce our bodies, to lose weight, to take up less space. Despite the growth of the body positivity movement, diet culture isn’t going anywhere just yet.

We originally published this piece on bodies in Issue Three of BRIGHT, but it’s just as relevant now. Rather than making a resolution to reduce yourself, why not choose to delve into body positivity instead?

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Editor's blog, NewsLaura Callan

So it’s December 8th, there are only two more Saturdays before Christmas and you still haven’t done your shopping? We’ve put together this little guide of our top ethical gifts for under £15, so we can be kind to ourselves and stress less this holiday season.

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