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Finally finished @brightzine cover to cover as I was savouring every moment, and what can I say, AWESOME, INSPIRING, REFRESHING, CAPTIVATING and just damn right BRILLIANT... Everybody needs a #brightzine
— @kk_veganliving on Instagram

The Beginning

Bright Zine launched in September 2016 with the release of our first zine, Issue One.

We have hosted creative workshops at Vevolution Festival and Lush Oxford Street, with more planned throughout 2017. 

Ethical Zine for Ethical People 

Bright Zine is made and run by vegans, for vegans. Printed in the UK onto recycled paper, with as small a carbon footprint as possible. 

We aim to talk about vegan and ethical lifestyle topics, spreading awareness and compassion. 


We are always looking to work and collaborate with other vegan and ethical companies on projects and events. 

If you'd like to write, create or collaborate with us, get in touch here.


Bright Team

laura copy 2.jpg

Laura Callan

Editor / Writer

Laura is a writer, teacher and vegan queen from London.


Tamsin Callan

Creative Collaborator

Tamsin is an animal-loving social media enthusiast from London.


Roxane Dewar


Roxane is an artist and illustrator from London. 


Our Stockists