BRIGHT, the concept of Laura Callan, was created together with her sister Tamsin and illustrator and close friend Roxane Dewar, in 2016.
Based in London and starting out as a 40 page zine, BRIGHT’s aim has always been to push boundaries, create conversations around veganism and ethical living whilst spreading awareness and compassion.

Since launching, BRIGHT has traded at a number of events in the UK and hosted creative workshops at festivals and with brands such as LUSH and Adidas.

In 2018 the zine rebranded to an 80 page magazine, giving the team the space they needed to create the premium lifestyle magazine they always wanted.

In 2019, BRIGHT they opened the doors to their new multifaceted home, The BRIGHT Store and The BRIGHT Club, in East London.
Upstairs, The BRIGHT Store, is a coffeeshop and ethical lifestyle store, showcasing some of London’s best vegan baked goods, treats and beauty products.
Downstairs, The BRIGHT Club, is the UK’s first vegan members club. Aiming to support and nurture vegan businesses through networking, co-working and collaboration in order to create a hub for London’s vegan community based on ethical and sustainable values.


So what is in the magazine?

Every issue of Bright is thoughtfully curated for and in dedication to the vegan and ethical lifestyle community. It is made with passion by the fully independent team with a love for print media.
In an issue of BRIGHT, there are thought provoking opinion pieces from a range of writers covering anything from sustainability, body positivity, feminism to zero-waste living. These also occasionally feature on our blog.
Regular features from New Yorker sneaker head, The Air Vegan, and a PlantFaced beauty special by make up artist Em-J Williams.
In-depth interviews with celebrities and change-makers within the community. A Vegan Queen® comic strip, a lighthearted cartoon created by the BRIGHT team, and illustrations from a variety of artists.

The magazines are printed in the UK on recycled paper, all apparel is Fair Wear certified with biodegradable packaging.

Living in a digital world, we are constantly surrounded by screens. BRIGHT encourages us to pick up something physical to read and enjoy, away from our phones and laptops.

Magazine Collage - BRIGHT
The BRIGHT Club co-working space


At BRIGHT, we always looking to work and collaborate with other vegan and ethical companies on projects and events.
We hold events regularly at The BRIGHT Club, anything from yoga classes to business workshops, sustainability panel talks to brunch clubs. Follow our Instagram and have a look at our calendar for our upcoming events,

If you'd like to write, create, collaborate, hold an event or advertise with us, get in touch here.