Support Vegan Business

Veganism is blowing up right now. Vegan products are readily available, marked vegan, on the shelves and ready to buy. We are now being actively catered to by big companies, which shows a real change in the mainstream as our lifestyle and choices are listened to and taken seriously. 

But while we can spend our money on vegan options from big companies, let’s try not to forget the people who have been working to bring us good vegan products for years, and that’s independent vegan businesses. 

By all means, buy the vegan options in mainstream eateries, show them these products are in demand and worth selling. But if you have are able to eat at an independent vegan place for lunch, your money and your business would contribute a lot more than you might think.

When you support an independent business, you are helping the realisation of someone’s dream. Someone had that idea, started that business and worked very hard to get to where they are. Every time you shop, eat, or hire an independent, you are paying respect to that journey, that hustle and that independent ethos.

When you buy independent your money goes to the people running the business, not to faceless boards of directors.

When you buy from an independent vegan business you will likely meet the people that actually own that business or their core team, and you will get their care and quality. It’s their business so they care about the details, and they care about your experience of buying from or working with them.  

And on the subject of money, if you’re supporting a vegan-owned business, wages and profits will likely go back into the vegan space, and not into animal agriculture industries. The money you spend is going back into your vegan community.

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Products made by independent business are a reflection of the people running the businesses. Vegan businesses have grown out of the owners’ desires to create good vegan food or products in an area that means something to them. When you buy from an independent vegan business you are funding ideas, ventures and innovations outside of the mainstream.

When you buy from an independent vegan company you are respecting and supporting the trailblazers, the hard working passionate people championing veganism in a non-vegan world. 

We want to support and promote vegan businesses, and encourage you to do the same. Who are your favourite independent vegan businesses? What vegan businesses should we be visiting, eating and shopping with? Tweet us, tag us on Instagram or send us a message.


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